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Tuesday, 21. November 2017 22:44
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2009-01-02 23:15
There are two possibillities to supports the project. If you want to help please write a mail to the address listed in the menu.
  • Developer: To become a developer for GRDM you need very good skills in PHP and MySQL. Your job will be to make a code review of the code found in the SVN and check for security issues, HTML rendering or general errors. There are still some functions unimplemented and you are welcome to help implementing them.
  • Testers: Your your as a tester is to check the functionality of GRDM from the view of an user. Please be as much elaborate as possible if you want to report errors. Your bug report should contain:
    1. Complete description of the error
    2. Where is the error visible?
    3. What are the error messages?
    4. How is the error reproducable?
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